Update on Recycling

Focus on the BIG 4

These are the ONLY items that can now be placed into your recycling bin:
1.  Corrugated Cardboard – (flattened)
2.  Plastic bottles and jugs with necks – (emptied and rinsed out)
3.  Metal food and beverage cans – (emptied and rinsed out)
4.  Glass jars and bottles – (emptied and rinsed out)


Please note:
Newspapers, magazines, lids to bottles and cans, plastics without a neck (yogurt cups, food storage containers, takeout food containers, Styrofoam) and paperboard (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, food cartons, egg cartons) are NOT acceptable in recycle bins and should be disposed of in the regular trash.


For additional information, click on the link below to see the Recycle Right Lancaster Flier from Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA)

2018-7 FILE_RRL Flier



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