Stop This Invader!

What is Lycorma delicatula and why should you care?

Lycorma delicatula, commonly known as the Spotted Lanternfly, is a new invasive insect that has spread throughout southeastern Pennsylvania since its discovery in Berks County in 2014. The Spotted Lanternfly presents a significant threat to Pennsylvania agriculture, including the grape, tree-fruit, hardwood and nursery industries, which collectively are worth nearly $18 billion to the state’s economy.

(Images courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture)

How can you help?

REPORT spotted lanternfly sightings at or call  1-888-4BAD-FLY (1-888-422-3359).

DESTROY all life stages that you find. Make sure you are not moving any life stage of spotted lanternfly when traveling within or out of the quarantine zone. Check your car and outdoor equipment before traveling.

SHARE your knowledge with friends, family, and neighbors.

For additional information and resources about the Spotted Lanternfly visit:


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