Trash and Recycling Guidelines

Mountville Borough Trash and Recycling Guidelines

Borough Trash Hauler – Republic Services

General Guidelines:

  • Trash fees are non-refundable for any reason, including missed pick-ups, vacations or vacant properties.
  • Trash collection is on Friday, except in the case of a holiday, when the schedule moves to Saturday. Those holidays are: New Year’s Day*, Memorial Day, July 4th*, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas*. (*If the holiday falls on a weekend day, trash will not be delayed.)  If in doubt, please call the Borough Office for clarification.
  • Trash barrels must have handles.
  • Trash should be placed out for collection the evening before the scheduled pick-up day as the trash haulers begin their routes early on the day of collection.
  • Empty containers should be removed from the curb the same day that collection is made.
  • No more than five (5) refuse containers, 30 pounds or less. Total refuse must weigh less than 150 pounds/week.
  • No construction debris (brick, concrete, ceiling tiles, large pieces of wood, drywall etc.) will be collected.


  • Additional service tags and yard waste bags are available at the Borough Office. Tags are required for extra refuse and specialty items:
  • Extra refuse: $1.25
  • Oversized: $15.00 (No more than 2 items/week)
  • Tires: $3.00 (Tires on rims require 2 tags) – (Picked up two times a year – April and October)
  • White goods: $15.00 – (Picked up two times a year – April and October)

Yard Waste:

  • Yard waste should be placed curbside in yard waste bags or bundles, but separate from trash and recyclables.
  • Yard waste is organic waste that can include garden residues, leaves, shrubbery, and tree trimmings. Grass clippings are NOT considered as yard waste.
  • Brush, limbs, tree trunks (6” in. diameter or less) should be tied with biodegradable twine in easily handled bundles not to exceed 3 feet in length and 30 pounds in weight, do not require a tag.
  • Effective April, 2022, GREEN tags will not be required on yard waste bags.  Yard waste is collected from April to mid-October and should be placed at the curb for pick up on Friday.


  • Recyclable materials consist of metal food and beverage cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and jugs with necks and corrugated cardboard. (The BIG 4)
  • Break down cardboard boxes as flat as possible.
  • Remove caps and food residue from plastic bottles, jugs and jars.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes can also be broken down and deposited in the cardboard recycling dumpster located on Spruce Street at the Veteran’s Memorial Park.
  • Batteries can be placed along side recycling bins in bags that can be obtained at the Borough Offices.


  • Six (6) Fall leaf pick-ups are scheduled from October through December each year, dates to be determined.
  • Leaves must be in the brown biodegradable bags that can be obtained at the Borough Hall. There are no fees or tags needed for the brown bags used for leaves. Leaves raked loose to the curb WILL NOT be picked up!






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